Even with my busy academic schedule, I strive to create time to further advancing my projects as well as my skills.

My main passion is Android app development. whenever I'm not running or studying, I dedicate my free time to expanding my knowledge in it. I've released one app so far, and I'm currently in the process of developing another one this semester, along with ideas for future apps already being thought of.

Completed Projects

Plannr Icon

Plannr (android)

Manage and organize your priorities with ease in Plannr's modern and simple user interface.
Designed with the user in mind, Plannr neatly displays the user's priorities in a list view that can be rearranged to place the most important taks at the top. Plannr also stores user information directly in their phone by using an SQLite database, so there's no need for a wireless connection.
Download it at the Google Play store here.

Currently Working On

LetsPlan (android)

The app that takes care of your friendly gatherings! Simply create an event, invite your friends, input your respective schedules, and let the app take care of the rest as it finds the ideal time for your group to meet up!
This app connects to Google's Firebase server. Managing each user's schedule stored in the database, LetsPlan computes the best time when everyone is free to meet up for their planned event. Users can create a LetsPlan account, or use their Google or Facebook account.

45% Done

Future Projects

Rise n Shine (android)

The ideal app to start your day. Fire up your brain with a morning brain teaser. Need some inspiration? Read a thoughtful quote or a little story to start your day on the right foot. Of course you need to know what the weather is like! Everything you need to start your morning off right, with Rise n Shine.