Course Notes

After writing out my notes for years, I've decided to dedicate a semester to typing out my notes in LaTeX.

I have also created a public repository on GitHub that contains the source .tex files that are used to build all my notes. If you feel that I missed an important topic or just want to contribute to helping students have access to good quality notes, you can access the repo here.

Winter 2017 (2B term)

Lecture Description Date
1 Course Introduction and Intro to Graph Theory January 4
2 Graph Terminology and Properties January 6
3 Graph Equality and Isomorphism January 9
4 K-regular and n-cube graphs, Paths and Walks January 11
5 Equivalence Relations and Connectedness (Summary from the course notes, not actual lecture notes) January 13
6 Proving Connectedness in Graphs, Intro to Trees and Forests January 16
7 Leaves and Various Theorems on Trees and Forests January 18
8 Additional Theorems Involving Trees, and Spanning January 20
9 Eulerian Circuits January 23
10 Eulerian Paths and Characterization of Bipartite Graphs January 25
11 Bridges and Weighted Graphs January 27
12 Planar Graphs January 30
13 Planar Graphs and Faces February 1
14 More on Faces, and Platonic Solids February 3
15 Proving that there only exist 5 Platonic Solids, and Kuratowski's Theorem February 6
16 Colouring February 8
17 More on Colouring February 10
18 Matchings February 13
19 More on Matchings, and Konig's Theorem February 15
20 Application's of Konig's Theorem February 17
21 Intro to Enumerative Combinatorics February 27
22 Bijections (Was absent from lecture) March 1
23 Alternate Proof of Composition Theorem, Permutations and Combinations March 3
24 Identities and Proving things Combinatorially March 6
25 Generating Series and Power Series March 8
26 The Inverse of Power Series, and Sum and Product Lemma March 10
27 Examples using Sum and Product Lemma March 13
Lecture was cancelled today March 15
28 Absent from this lecture March 17
29 Binary Strings March 20
30 More on Binary Strings March 22
31 (Was absent from lecture to attend a conference) March 24
32 Recurrence Relations March 27
33 Repeated Roots in Recurrence Relations March 29
Tutorial Description Date
3 Problem Set 5.1 from Course Notes January 25
4 Tutorial 4 February 1